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Congratulations! You’ve finally nailed down the perfect vision for your project. The only thing you’re missing is someone who can be your feet on the ground with the right expertise to see your vision through.


Don’t worry. Your Swiss Chick is here!

Choosing me as your For-Hire Professional guarantees you’ll receive:

  • A competent asset who has confidence in their skillset and can successfully see assigned tasks through to completion.

  • A fast, adaptable learner who can swiftly dive into any production environment and learn the lay of the land. 

  • An amiable spirit who works well with a versatile array of personalities and maintains professionalism.

  • A creative resource who can easily visualize concepts and ideas and execute them with attention to detail.

Ways I can be of service:

  • Camera Operator for on-ground and aerial video capture

  • Film Director

  • Technical Director

  • Production Assistant

  • Media Production Floater/Runner

  • Voiceover Talent

Let’s have a casual discussion about what your production needs are. 

I’d love to help!

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